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All things new!

Today, December 5th is the anniversary of laying Matthews earthly body into the ground. An odd day to face each year, yet it never passes without contemplation. It is different from all his other anniversaries. There was a delay following his death, as many who wished to join us in celebrating his life were in … Continue reading

Grace for joy

Mark and I are currently in Marrakech, completing chores on the house, ready to rent it out early next year. We went out for a meal with the lovely Belgian couple who sold it to us a year ago. They speak a little English, we speak some French yet it’s amazing how in-depth conversations can … Continue reading

Fear not!

I have never been more aware of just how fragile and transitory are our lives on this earth than following Matthew’s terminal diagnosis in 2001, and more recently finding myself in hospital through the Accident and Emergency section. Though there can be no comparisons between the two conditions, both came, like a bolt from the … Continue reading

Hide and Seek

I grew up in what seemed like an enormous mansion in North London during the 1950s and 60s. In fact, our house, or my grandparents’ to be exact, was a very spacious Victorian villa in Tufnell Park Road, which runs along the line of an old Roman Road. Four floors with large basement, lots of … Continue reading